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Hilleberg Akto tent (green)

€25.00 / d


Eränen info.eranen@gmail.com +358405213821 Company id: 2959323-3 Merchant terms

Akto is well suited for year-round use for both short and longer hikes. Due to its small pack size and very low weight, the tent is suitable for both the backpacker and the bike hiker. The vestibule can also moderately accommodate a backpack to protect from the weather.

  • The tent is spacious and has one vestibule
  • The vents are at the ends of the tent and at the top of the door
  • The outdoor tent can be removed from the indoor tent
  • The use and handling of the tent's features requires the right use and handling
  • Dogs have been staying in the tent
  • The tent is in excellent condition
  • Color is green
  • In product images, pictures of a green tent
  • At the time of booking, the customer receives an email link to the english language user manual to be printed

Technical specifications

  • The tent is designed for one adult
  • Inner tent area 1.7 m² (length of indoor tent 220 cm)
  • Vestibule area 0.8 m²
  • Height of indoor tent 95 cm
  • Inner tent up to 90 cm wide
  • 9 mm arcs 1 pc
  • V pegs 10 pcs
  • Tent bag, arch bag and wedge bag
  • Weight 1.7 kg
  • The material of the outdoor tent is Kerlon 1200

Rental period and return of rental equipment

The rental starts at 10:30 a.m. on the day of pick-up and ends at 10:00 on the day of the return. The rental can still be made after the start time, but not more than 8 hours after the standard start time, i.e. the rental can still be made, for example. at 6:20 p.m. However, the end time is always 10 a.m. The rental equipment must have been returned with its equipment to the pick-up point before the end of the rental period. The rent for the next 24 hours is charged for the delay.

Attention! In additional images, pictures of the red Akto as a rule.

Tervajärvi rental base, how the rental base works, how the door opens

The rental base is located in Repovesi National Park at the gate to Tervajärvi at Kivisilmäntie 720 Kouvola right next to the parking lot and the accessible toilet building near the shore. Learn more about the rental base

The rental base operations are based on strong trust between the merchant and the customers. Rent and pay for the rental equipment in the online shop. After payment, you will receive a PIN code in the electronic key cointainer (Igloohome) on the right side of the rental base door at the email address and mobile phone number you have provided. The PIN code is sent to the customer approx. 60 minutes before the start of the rental. The equipment is in the warehouse of the rental base and the canoes are located on the shore of lake Tervajärvi. The main instructions can also be found on the rental base wall.

At the rental base door, do the following:

  1. Touch the lock image in the middle of the key container, the container responds with one beep
  2. Enter the PIN code you received and finally press the lock image in the middle of the key containe
  3. The cointaer mourns, emits a three-tone beep, and a green light flashes in the middle of the container
  4. Grasp the left and right side of the container with a forefinger - thumb grip and open the container lid

Open the base door and pick up the equipment. Once you have picked up the equipment and opened e.g. the canoe lock, leave the key in the key container and close the lid of the container, causing the lock to mourn, beep once for a long time and at the same time the green light will light up for a while in the middle of the container.

Leave the key of the rental base (and when renting other hiking equipment also in the equipment cabinet) in the key containers before you go on the excursion. This also allows other users to use the rental base´s products. Before starting the excursion, make sure that you will not be able to do so. before taking the canoe to the water, that you left the keys in the key containers!

The base door has a QR code that redirects you to this website and guides you through, among other things, opening a key container.

Delivery Terms

Check out the Delivery terms before renting!