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Tolosen talo

€80.00 / d

Tolosen talo, roughly translated as ”The House of Tolonen”, lies near the Saarijärvi parking area entrance to the Repovesi national park, about 100 meters from the entrance gate. The premises were originally constructed in 2005 as an accommodation for maintenance personnel working in the forest. Nowadays the second floor of the building has been converted to a rental apartment. A well-equipped tenement with full electricity, Tolosen talo offers pleasant accommodation for photographers, researchers and in general for everyone in need to charge their batteries during their stay in the national park.

OBS! To rent this hut for November 2022 or later, please continue nationalparks.fi/tolosentalorentalhut

Rental object info

Tolosen talo is well-equipped. The premises have full electricity (as the only structure inside the national park). The two-room apartment has a combined living area of 30 m2. The combined kitchen-bedroom features electric heating, which renders the room habitable also during the winter months. There is space for three overnighters on one double bed and one single bed.

The other room can be housed only during the summer months, as there is no heating. This room features beds for five people.

There’s a well on the yard.


Tolosen talo lies in the northern part of the Repovesi national park, near the Saarijärvi parking area entrance, about 100 meters from the entrance gate and beside the Kaakkurinkierros hiking trail. There’s no drivable road to the premises.


  • Electricity (lighting, heating)

  • Refrigerator

  • Electric stove and oven

  • Microwave oven

  • Coffeemaker

  • Electric water boiler

  • Cutlery and tableware for six persons

  • Kettles and pan

  • Drinking water container

  • Buckets for water

  • Vacuum cleaner, floor mop, cleaning cloths

  • Dinner table & four chairs

  • Double bed & single bed (in the heated section of the apartment, available all year round)

  • Four single beds & one mountable bed (in the non-heated section of the apartment, only available during the summer months)

  • A well (located on the yard)

Please note! Bed linen not included in the amenities.

Additional Info

Tolosen talo does not have running water – no toilet and no shower. There’s an outhouse near the Saarijärvi entrance gate, some 100 meters from the premises. Bring your own toilet paper!

An additional tent sauna service can be provided (please see services and maps for more info).

Booking info

Tolosen talo can be booked throughout the year. Please use the online booking service, by clicking the ”Book now” button. If you wish to book multiple locations, add the all to the shopping cart before payment.

The premises are booked from 14.00 on the day of arrival to 10.00 on the day of departure. Please adhere to the schedules.


Specific info about the keys will be sent with the booking confirmation. The keys are being kept at the premises, in a locker, beside the front door on the wall. Instructions can be found pinned on the wall beside the locker. The person making the reservation will be sent a PIN code to the locker via SMS some hours before the start of the lease.

The person making the reservation will be holding the responsibility for the keys throughout the lease. The keys must be returned to the locker once the lease time has expired. In case the person making the reservation fails to return the keys, a compensation is to be paid according to the booking terms and conditions.

Cleaning and waste disposal

The person making the reservation is responsible of the tidiness of the leased premises, the yard and the connected services. Please clean the apartment thoroughly, so that the next overnighter will also have a pleasant stay!

The Repovesi national park adheres to the principles of leaving no waste behind. This means, all non-burnable waste that you bring with you must be brought out of the national park. Under any circumstances do not leave food stuff behind, as they attract animals. Do not discard compostable waste in the outhouse, as the outhouse does not have a compost system.

Read more about leaving no waste behind (in Finnish): https://www.luontoon.fi/roskatonretkeily


No pets are allowed inside the Tolosen talo premises. Pets must be kept in a leash inside the national park.

Please note

No smoking in the Tolosen talo.

There are mobile phone dead zones in the national park. Please check the connectivity of your mobile phone with your operator. If You have trouble in connecting with your mobile phone, try to climb on a higher terrain or find an open terrain. In case of an emergency call remove the SIM card: this may be helpful in connecting with the emergency operator.

Read more about mobile phone connectivity issues (in Finnish): https://www.luontoon.fi/retkeilynabc/turvallisuus/vaarojenennaltaehkaisy/matkapuhelimienkuuluvuus

Services and maps

There are certified travel guides describing the Repovesi national park area, and those also feature adventure and educational nature programs. The business partners in the national park offer a multitude of tourist services as well as rental equipment.

Repovesi services: https://www.luontoon.fi/repovesi/palvelut/yhteistyotahot

Rent a tent sauna: https://repovedenkansallispuisto.fi/fi_FI/categories/6-palvelut/products/10-eranen-telttasaunavuokraus-varauskodille

Maps: https://www.luontoon.fi/repovesi/kartatjakulkuyhteydet ja https://www.retkikartta.fi/

A virtual journey to Repovesi: https://www.visitrepovesi.fi/

General info and news: https://www.luontoon.fi/repovesi

Terms and conditions

Please make sure to get acquainted with the terms and conditions before making your reservation.